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If you are looking for band openings or looking for other musicians to collaborate with, a singer for your band, vocalist for your recordings, musician for your project, you may find what you are looking for here.

(You can right click on the link that you want to visit, and then select "Open in new window" or similar dialog. That way you can return to this page again and again easily after visiting each page.)

Advice for singer songwriters musicians
Some advice: If you post an ad on an Internet Musician's Bulletin Board or on music dance songwriting performance related message boards, always put your City and State FIRST, because people often place ads from all over the US, and sometimes from other Countries.

Here are some examples: "Los Angeles area lead vocalist wanted" "Portland / Salem Oregon singer seeking band" "West Coast band in search of musicians for tour" "Orange County group auditioning singers"

The following are links for musicians seeking bands, bands seeking musicians, etc.

California, including Los Angeles and Orange County:

http://www.laweekly.com (mostly for the general Los Angeles area. Their online ads are at backpage.com)
http://www.ocweekly.com (mostly for Orange County, CA, and Southern California. Owned by LA Weekly?)
http://www.planetgig.com (California only I think.)
http://www.recycler.com/asp/Class.asp?iC=12000 (If that doesn't work, go to www.recycler.com and then to the music area)

http://losangeles.craigslist.org (< Some advice: use the Search feature, to weed through the countless musician ads.)
http://orangecounty.craigslist.org (Look for the musicians section.)
http://losangeles.backpage.com/gyrobase/classifieds/index (musician section.)
http://www.socalrocks.com (You need to hover your mouse over the Classifieds area near the top, to see the various categories)

http://la.thejamboard.com/index.jspa New bulletin board for vocalists / singers, musicians, bands, indie artists, music students and teachers, to post ads or view ads. Also for musicians that are looking for or providing music related services, etc. Found June 2007.

Portland, Oregon area:

http://portland.craigslist.org - also the Salem, Corvallis, and other Oregon cities categories.
http://www.wweek.com (They have free ads for musicians, generally around the Portland area and Vancouver, WA area.)
http://www.swms.com/Webboard/Referral/referral.html (Don't think this one works any more for posting. But will leave it in case it comes back up.)

Craigslist now has more cities for Oregon, as well as other states.

Other areas. These links are also likely to have ads that include Los Angeles and Orange County, and Portland, and just about every other state, city and town in the US, plus some other Countries:

http://www.mybandmembers.com (This is a new one as of April 2006)
http://www.musiciansonly.net (Newer musicians bulletin board that seems to cover all states and most major cities)
http://www.mnusa.com (The one just below is the classifieds part)
http://www.musicbizclassifieds.com (Not much going on here though?)
http://www.musiciansfinder.com (Be sure to click on "Search Database". I didn't think it worked for a while.)
http://www.dance.net (Site for dancers, but they also have some singers vocalists wanted ads and other categories)
http://www.musickatz.com/connection (not much going on here?)
http://www.dtol.ndirect.co.uk (In the U.K. - for dancers.)

http://www.backpage.com/classifieds/index < (Has ads for various US cities, Canada, etc. Look for the musician section.)

The following are links where musicians can upload and store their original music for free:

http://artistopia.com (2 original songs for free)

myspace also accepts original music uploads. Be sure to sign up for an "artist/band account" (rather than a regular one). 10 songs maximum for free now, up to 10 megabytes per song (the 10 meg limit may have been removed or raised?). You can also upload videos. YouTube of course also accepts original music videos and Possibly videos of you singing cover songs?

If you know of any other good links, please send an e-mail so it can potentially be added to this list. Looking for places that are FREE for singers, instrumentalists, musicians, songwriters, composers, legit dancers, up and coming producers, etc., to post ads and to browse through ads, post original music, and so forth.

Other locations where musicians can look for openings and collaborations, Musicians Wanted and Available, include:

Musical instrument stores in your area. Many (but not all) musical instrument stores have bulletin boards with lots of ads on them. Check your yellow pages for musical instrument store listings in your area. It is best to call the music store first - and ask if they have a bulletin board, to save a wasted trip.

The classified section of local newspapers. Most bands that are looking for members (that place ads in newspapers) place ads in the "Musical Instrument" section - unless there is a specific place for musician's seeking musicians, such as a "Musician's Market" or something similar.

Some cities have one or more newspapers that have free ads for musicians. Check around and see if there is one in your area.

School or college bulletin boards. Check the bulletin boards in the Music Department, also other locations.

This part is important: Place your own ad/poster at the locations mentioned above. Then people will be calling you!

Some advice: If you decide to place your own ad, look over other people's ads first. See what they are doing right or wrong. I usually recommend using high quality paper that is about 8.5" X 11". About half that size can also work. Then use a computer program such as Word or Adobe Illustrator or
Wordpad, to set up and print out your ad.

If your ad is clear and professional looking, it will stand out amongst the others - and make you look more professional. You may notice that some musicians and bands either scribble out their ads or make cheap looking copies. That's usually a "sign" that they may also approach their music and music career in the same lack luster manner.

Using "negatives" in your ad, or foul language isn't recommended. You may notice that some bands and musicians put things like "No loosers, posers, or flakes" (and worse) in their ads. Sometimes it is tempting to put something in your ad to try to discourage the "wrong" people from applying. But using negative statements usually discourages the "right" people from calling - and the "wrong" people don't usually get the message.

You may find something at a local area Jam Session, depending on what you are looking for.

More advice: Don't expect to find something in a few days or in a week or two. It can often take many months to find a situation that is right for you. I talked to a band lead in the Los Angeles area that spent 7 months looking for the right lead vocalist! Even working pro bands, and sometimes even artists that have had hit songs previously! - may have to run ads for several months to find what they are looking for.

Also, don't get too discouraged if you aren't selected at an audition. "Rejection" is a normal part of being a musician, an actor, artist, a songwriter or other writer, a dancer, an artist that does paintings/sculptures, etc. Even major artists and songwriters and actors are rejected on a fairly regular basis.

Most musicians have to go to several auditions before they find the right situation. Each audition is a new learning experience. It's not the end of the world if you aren't chosen. There are lots of groups and musicians out there as you will see as you look around.

The best of luck to you!

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